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Please note this web site is maintained with personal funding on a charitable basis.
The site is intended to assist others in detecting and seeking remedies for abuses that are perpetrated by many thoughtless or careless people or institutions, who have lost their clarity of vision, lost their way in life, become wealthy and more powerful, using these attributes to the derogation of others, relying on an asymmetry of information or finance to argue fallaciously or defeat. The writer finds the absence of any flavour of ‘code of conduct’, like a Hippocratic oath in the disciplines of the abuser, deplorable, and nowadays invariably delivers a detriment to any individual or company who attempts this kind of abuse upon himself or his family, having suffered it already for too many years, by being excessively tolerant.and shy of conflict. This is most likely part of the causal process in reversal of an appetite that has abated from surfeit.
The want of critical ability to separate what a company, or person IS from what they POSSESS, in the determination of the individual’s real worth is a singular basis for obscuring judgement of mediocrity in attributes among far too many. Separating the two permits greater clarity of judgement in the determination of what a person’s qualitative attributes are, - what we all take with us on our departure. One can correctly perceive a jewel set in misfortune, and a fool in a setting of fortune.
It is the writer’s view that this is what really counts in human relationships.
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It is hoped that over the period of a year or so, the literature available , with some assistance from Project Gutenberg’s library will exceed many thousands of  books, all freely downloadable and indexed onsite. Some 20 plus pieces of  live music and fragments will be made available also.
Where there are from time to time, some items for sale, these are of a personal nature, and their payments are just the same as any purchase from a shop, or auction.
Your reciprocation is very much appreciated.
The authors of this web site with those associated and linked relies on the following qualifications
For the cogency of arguments, and creative sections that are personal and copyright © Questor material
For reasons of privacy the non promotion of their names reflects merely  a reticence of gregariousness.
Mr. Winter Junior M.Sc . St. Pauls's Cathedral, M.Sc. Harrow, Piano, Organ, Violin, Singing. Undergraduate B.Sc. And Msc.
Mrs. Winter B.A. Lit., B.A. Phil (Hons), Additional studies: Music, Opera, Ballet, Drama, Etiquette & Fine Arts.
Mr.. Winter B.A. Lit., B.A. Phil (Hons), Additional studies: Psychology, Law, Shakespeare, Music.
Former MD, Clothing. OEM, IT manager, Application designer, Lecturer, Programmer (Unix,Csh,Basic,C,C+, Author of DBMS III, Menuix, Practical Logic, Fallacies of  Conduct)
Mr. Winter has for the past 12 years, handled all his court activities personally without formal qualifications, he has prevailed in one way or another merely on the basis of his early formal studies in O and A level Logic, whilst discovering to his complete dismay there is a serious want of this discipline in the  courts he has visited in the UK, particularly at solicitor level, but more alarmingly at barrister and judge levels
This section is a list of very useful links in software, mostly free for personal use.
The writer has for some 35 years, been a director of his own computer company, building and selling computer systems and software with a history of serving British Gas, Rolls Royce, Plessey, GKN  Sankey, Selfridges, Radcliffe hospital, University College, and some 20,000 others over a this period, in some cases computerising the company (like Selfridges at the time) from their beginnings in computerisation. He wrote in Basic originally, thereafter in Cshell, C and C++, with experience of Xenix, Unix, Sco and Sun, Linux and other variants of Unix.
After falling into ill health from some disabilities, he spent the latter years in supporting his son as a music scholar at St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir School, Harrow school, both where he was considered of exceptional abilities, due to enforced simple hard work,  and now at University where he alone is the author of his destiny.
I hope you find them as useful as I do. As a former programmer, I find them particularly useful in filling the want of facilities on comparatively over priced operating systems.
The links shall be provided shortly, with some of the names herewith
Sycback, AVG free, ZoneAlarm, Speed typing, Open Office, Yankee Clipper, Copernic desktop search, X1 Email finder, Easy Cleaner, Startcop, Zdwhere, NVU, FileZilla, Emftp, Txt2Html, Bulk File renamer, Tray Commander Lite, TightVNC, Kaboodle, Indexmaker, Tclockex, ClocX, Foxit pdf reader.and many more.
Free Multi Platform Open Office to replace Microsoft office.

Google (and Yahoo!) Sitemap Generator for Windows